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"Marcia! I just watched your webinar – – thank you so much! You have given me hope that it will be a meaningful journey for my congregation, even digitally."

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Pastors, we know that now more than ever, you are in need of resources for worship that will help you offer meaningful experiences in this current situation. This Easter Season may look different from other years because many communities are sheltering in place to ride out the COVID-19 epidemic. In lieu of holding worship services at church, communities are gathering virtually in online meeting spaces or needing resources that people can engage with at home on their own. Pastors and teams are finding new ways to hold space for high emotions and offer words of encouragement, hope, and peace in these troubled times. We in the Worship Design Studio are here with you, and we want to offer some free resources to help sustain and inspire you in your work. Check out what these resources include and then fill out the form below to receive our Easter Season resources.

Resources for the Easter Season

"The Heart of the Matter" fully-scripted Easter season series has been developed specifically for at-home worship either led by a leader online or done by folks at home via Zoom or alone.

"Comfort Food" is a brief liturgy that can be inserted into any worship service or used on its own for breaking bread together at home.

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"I can't thank you enough for allowing so many of us to participate... This is the kind of worship I dream of creating for my small congregation and it was enlivening to be introduced to the possibilities being opened up by this current sea change of COVID 19." -- Diane in Maine

"I can’t say thank you enough. When this crisis change hit, the pastoral work week changed rapidly. These worship tools were already a gift and a help to the usual overworked week. When we had to shift gears (in every way) and I had to become a video production manager (literally overnight!), I realized how much of a gift your work is! . . . Before this, I knew our subscription to WDS was money well shared as stewards of the art and gift of worship. Now, I know it more fully in my heart. And my congregation thanks you, as well." -- Kenny in West Virginia

We are honored to be in ministry with you.

We are making these resources available for free. If you are in a position to make a donation for these resources, we would appreciate whatever you are able to give as we work to continue our operations in this time. You will have an opportunity to do that after you fill out the form to receive the materials. If you are interested in getting more great resources for worship all year long by becoming a member of the Worship Design Studio, we are offering a $100 discount at this time (making the year-long access to over 70 worship series and educational materials only $199). You will find that information in your confirmation e-mail.

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